Lifetime spider phobia gone within minutes of EFT

Camilla had a spider phobia for as long as she can remember.
This phobia was so intense that she even had a difficulty describing her encounter with a large spider 2 years ago.
When she was asked to rate the intensity of the fear she said that it was 8 or 9.

Watch how she overcomes this problem within a few minutes during an EFT demonstration!

Relieving pain from sports injury

This is a video from an EFT Presentation Event which took place in Athens in April 2012.

Yiannis had a burning pain in his right thigh due to an injury caused whilst running. He had suffered with this pain for about 2 weeks. Watch how EFT helps Yiannis relieve his pain within minutes.

EFT for children : Chronic Pain Relief with EFT


This is a video from an EFT demonstration which took place in Athens in April 2012.
Phaethon had a “vein pain” in his right arm since he was born. This pain got worse as he grew older, especially when he touched that area or moved his arm in a certain way Watch how EFT helps Phaethon relieve his pain within minutes.

We apologize for the bad video quality. The video was shot with a cellphone.

Fast Knife Phobia Removal with EFT

Dorothea had a Knife phobia since she was a child.
She had no recollection of a past event of anything bad happening with a knife and yet this phobia was very strong. She even had difficulty saying the words ''sharp knife''.

At home, she didn't have sharp knives. In the kitchen, it was her husband who would do all the food preparation. He often teased her about her knife phobia!

Fast Shoulder Pain Relief with EFT

Watch this video with EFT Trainer Indy Raj-Guru and see how quickly Dimitra is relieved of her shoulder pain during an EFT demonstration in 2011.

Fast Knee Pain Relief with EFT

EFT has been described as "The worlds most Effective therapy for Phobias and Stress reduction."

But did you know that it works really fast on relieving physical too?

Watch this video with EFT Trainer Indy Raj-Guru and see how quickly Freddy is relieved of his pain during an EFT demonstration in 2011.

The Language of the Divine Matrix

Gregg Braden reveals how to explore and discover the miracles of the Quantum world.

It is in this place of pure energy -- a "Quantum field" -- where everything
begins, from the birth of stars and the DNA of life, to our deepest relationships
and healing. Recent discoveries show dramatic evidence that The Divine
Matrix is the missing link in our understanding. In order to tap from the force
of this matrix,we must first understand how it works and speak the language
that it recognizes.

Our first Visit in Thessaloniki

After many requests for an EFT demonstration in Thessaloniki, we finally managed to hold one this November.

We had the pleasure to meet our friends and supporters there, during our first lectire in the wonderful city of Thessaloniki. We met many winderful people and we are looking forward to seeing them again soon. Welcome to the EFT family!

You can see pictures from our visit in the city here.

Anthropolis Festival - November 2011

We were very pleased to see you at the 2011 Anthropolis Festival and offer you a free “taster’’ of EFT. We had the pleasure to help you get rid of chronic pains, as this was the part of the technique we where demonstrating.

You can see pictures of this event here.
Experience EFT for yourself!

Financial Abundance with EFT !

It was a really wonderful event!

We learned how our beliefs block us from receiving the Abundance that we desire and sabotage our efforts.

We learned how to develop vibrational clarity and improve our chances of receiving all the things that we truly desire.
And we can hardly wait for our next meeting...

See pictures of this event here :

Experience EFT for yourself!

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