EFT Courses for Individuals and Professionals

The main features of EFT are:

  • Quick and easy to learn, with an 80-95% success rates. The results are usually long lasting and permanent.
  • Works for both emotional and physical symptoms. A gentle approach, with virtually no harmful side-effects.
  • Does not require full disclosure – a client can keep a difficult issue private and still get relief. Can work even for complex and long-lasting problems with minimum discomfort.
  • Even beginners can typically use EFT with a high degree of success for relief from irrational fears and anxieties, addictive cravings, aches & tensions, unpleasant memories and difficult emotions.
  • It can be easily combined with other approaches such as NLP, CBT, Hypnosis, Massage, Reiki and is already being used by Medical and Complementary Professionals.
  • However, please note, common sense should prevail and 'You should not go where you are not qualified'.
    In case of serious medical or psychological illnesses please consult a Medical Practitioner.


EFT Master Trainer

Indy Raj-Guru, Master Trainer & Practitioner, Accredited by AAMET International

aamet_seal_trainer_level3_small.jpgIndy teaches EFT in her individual style.

Whilst striving to stay consistent with EFT founder Gary Craig's original concept and core principles, our courses follow the guidelines of AAMET International (Association for Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques), a professional body that is recognised internationally. All courses are Certified & Accredited by AAMET and Indy also includes additional material from her vast knowledge of Alternative healing methods.

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