EFT Level 1


EFT Level 1 is a one day course and an introduction to EFT AAMET Logothat covers all the AAMET requirements.

It is intended for people who would like to use this technique for personal use and for use with family and friends.

What you will learn

Level 1 teaches you how EFT evolved, how the fusion of Energy Therapy and Psychology was developed, how tapping Acupuncture Meridian points can rapidly neutralise negative emotions and relieve physical pain.

It will provide you with an easy to learn tool that produces rapid relief from emotional trauma and improves physical health and mental wellness.

Level 1 - Introduction to EFT (1 day)

  • Brief History of EFT
  • The 'discovery statement'
  • How negative emotions are caused
  • EFT Basic Recipe and Tapping point
  • Psychological Reversal
  • The importance of being specific
  • Identifying Aspects
  • The short-cut tapping sequence
  • Working with Physical pain 
  • Working with Cravings
  • The Personal Peace Procedure.
  • Mentoring/Level 2 Practitioner requirements.

Upcoming EFT Level 1 Courses

There are no upcoming courses of this type currently available.

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