Enhancing Performance

Enhancing Performace

  • Would you like to perform better and be more effective at work?
  •  Would you like to improve your sports performance?

Whether trying to reach new levels in your working life, aiming to be the best in your chosen sport or just wanting to enjoy recreational activities such as golf or tennis, there are a number of factors that will make the task so much easier, such as:

  •     Enhancing your confidence and eliminating doubt and fears
  •     Improving your attitude and releasing mental blocks
  •     Increasing motivation and self-belief
  •     Staying focused and maximising your potential
  •     Increasing your agility and speeding up injury healing process
  •     Eliminating frustrations and enjoying your work or sport to the full

A few EFT sessions can help enhance your performance in the most natural and positive way and help you achieve success.

EFT helps you improve your mental toughness and gives you a positive outlook towards the task at hand. It greatly increases your mind and body communication and helps create a 'winning' attitude.

Indy currently works with a number of golfers, helping them control their frustrations and maximise their enjoyment of the game; as well as young footballers who experience self-doubt in the face of tough competition.

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