Assimina Kouris (Level 2)

Short Biography

Assimina is an Alternative Healer, a Kindergarten Teacher and a Musician.

More specifically, she is an EFT Practitioner (registered on AAMET), an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue Ph.D., and a Reiki Healer.

She offers sessions, long-distance sessions and seminars.

As a kindergarten teacher she has a background in schools and day care, and she is now offering alternative workshops and seminars for children, combining all her knowledge.
Assimina is also a professional singer and holds a diploma in Flute and Music Harmony. She writes her own songs, children songs, stories and fairytales.
You might see her in one of the EFT Centre presentations or trainings as she is the official translator for the centre.

How EFT came into my life

"I met Indy, at one of her first EFT presentations here in Greece. Even though I had no idea about EFT, I was immediately carried away by the magic of it.

Having completed my training in various Alternative Healing methods, I was looking for something new, something that would complete my knowledge. Thus I decided to learn EFT, seeking solutions for personal matters, but also having one more tool, to be able to offer the best to my clients.

Today I have succeeded in this goal, having completed my training and applying this technique on a daily basis for my self-improvement and also for my client’s well-being!

EFT is an amazing tool for every healer. It is an outstanding method to rid yourself from chronic and every day issues of any kind! As Gary Craig, the pioneer of EFT has said “Try it on everything!"

With love en-light,
Assimina Kouris

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