Elma Vosinioti (Level 3)

  • MSc in Psychology and Counselling,  B.A in Psychology
  • E.F.T  Certified Practitioner (A.A.M.E.T. member)
  • Reiki Master Teacher


A few words about me…

I‘ve been working with people’s emotional and psychological issues for almost 20 years.  Trying to help others to their personal development path was always my aim.

To be honest, I attended the first E.F.T workshop mostly by curiosity! The results that it had on my personal life were so fast and fascinating that I decided to do it all the way!  I attended the 2nd and 3rd E.F.T. levels and I became an E.F.T practitioner myself!

Now, I use this incredibly efficient method as a therapeutic tool to help others overcome their emotional blockages and difficulties in life.

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Tel: +30-6947804490

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