Vivi Kokka (Level 3)

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Vivi Kokka is an alternative healer, actress, director and preschool teacher.

She is a professional practitioner in EFT (level 3, AAMET member), Reiki Master (master-teacher), and Pranic Healing Practitioner (advanced course).

She has performed in theatre, in films, and on TV.

She has directed theatre plays as well as entertainment events.

She has also worked as a preschool teacher and has taught theatrical games for children, teenagers and preschool teachers.

How EFT came into my life

When I first heard that there was an alternative healing method, called EFT, relieving from stress, negative feelings, phobia, emotional trauma and so much more in just one or a few sessions, I said to myself: “Yeah, `right! Next thing they’ll tell us that EFT brings you coffee to bed as well! These things just don’t happen!”

Still, part of me was intrigued and I decided to “waste my time” and go to a free informative presentation about EFT.
It was there that I met Indy Raj-Guru. I trusted her demeanour, her ways, her serenity and the confidence that she inspired, so I decided to open a small window to knowledge. I thought “IF EFT does half the things they say it does, this means we have witnessed a revolution in the field of healing and are not even aware of it. I’ll give it a try and see…”

I practiced EFT on myself, my family and my friends and I stood amazed as I watched our lives change easily, rapidly and painlessly.

The truth is that EFT doesn’t “bring you coffee to bed”, but it gives you the possibility to enjoy it by enhancing your quality of life.

  • I thank Roger Callahan for conceiving the TFT
  • I thank Gary Craig for developing and spreading the EFT
  • I thank my teacher Indy Raj-Guru for inspiring me and teaching me the EFT
  • I thank everyone who trusts me so that we can change their lives together with EFT
  • I thank all those who will decide to let EFT change their lives…

If each and every one of us can change, then together we can change the world!...

Vivi Kokka

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