EFT can help people in many different ways tailored to a wide array of physical, emotional and psychological problems.
Here are some testimonials, among the hundreds of the people who trusted us so that we can change their lives together with EFT.

In our Blog area we will post more written, audio and video testimonials soon as well as more case studies and advice on how to improve your chances of success with ΕFT.

Rhea Koufaki

Dear Indy,

We are already in the middle of the summer and I hope you're close to nature filling up your batteries and preparing yourself for a very creative winter.
I thought about you today with much love and gratitude. I am sending this message to thank you once again for the liberating power you brought to my life.
Thanks to EFT, this time I am enjoying the sea as much as ever, without the fear of water that I had since I was a toddler.
Till now when the water was dark or when there were algae or rocks - when I could not see what was beneath me - it was impossible to swim. So I was always splashing in shallow waters instead of swimming!
In the winter I worked on this phobia with EFT with another person as well as by myself, but when I measured the results, I had the feeling that the fear was persisting. So I had the impression that EFT does not work for me on this issue.
But, one of these days when I went at the beach, without realizing it and totally unconsciously, I started swimming deeper and deeper and to my surprise, I realized that the phobia had almost gone. And, believe me, I was swimming in areas where I could not see what was underneath me at all.
Now without the inhibitory power of fear, I enjoy the beautiful Greek sea more than ever before. This is why I want to express my appreciation, my love and my gratitude to you.
I wish that you are always well and may God will give you the strength to help people to free themselves. I wish you have a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Vassiliki Christopoulou

Indy, vanished in only a few minutes my greatest fear (needles) so that leaves me just with shark phobia (ha ha). The week before Easter I visited my veterinarian to check the health of my cats and although they actually got injected I was perfectly fine with the sight.

Every single time they had to receive an injection I had to leave the room and sweat outside like I was going to get treated. Not many days later I went to the pharmacist for some meds and asked if I could hold an actual injection.

No problem there either!!! So I suppose I now have to get my blood tested and see what happens then but I am confident that I will be very civilized. Maybe even cool, who knows :-)

Hope you are doing well and can't wait for the practice meet up to see you all!

Take care

Nikos Avgerinos

The first thing that you notice on Indy is her eyes and a confidence vibe around her. When she proposed to give me a therapeutic session, I thought: “why not? Anything new that you learn or do usually is good”.

We worked on my fear of heights issue, which was bothering me since I was a little kid. It worked! We tested it on a chair, from the first and the second floor because I am a disbeliever! ☺

I am really impressed and I wish every single person would learn about this amazing technique.

Thank you Indy

Eleftheria Xanariou

Indy helped me and my 13-year old daughter to overcome our very intense fear towards snakes. The problem was eliminated completely.

She also helped me learn how to cope with everyday stress and anxieties which where torturing me daily before I learnt about EFT.

EFT is a really great tool.

Aglaia Karageorgiou

My experience with EFT led me into reliving my birth which helped me rid myself from several psychosomatic problems which tortured me throughout my life.

EFT not only helped address the problems but also helped me understand their true cause. Many times throught my life I would get panic attacks because of an intense feeling of drowning and abandonment which kept on coming back over and over again. 

During the EFT session I “remembered” that during my birth I came out of my mother’s uterus upside down while the umbilical cord almost suffocated me. At the same time I felt forced to swallowing a white liquid! After my birth they put me in a “white box”  for about a day without letting me come in contact with my mother.

The problem disappeared in only one session which lasted less than an hour.
It is a really miraculous method.

I am really grateful to Indy for her help.

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