Aglaia Karageorgiou

My experience with EFT led me into reliving my birth which helped me rid myself from several psychosomatic problems which tortured me throughout my life.

EFT not only helped address the problems but also helped me understand their true cause. Many times throught my life I would get panic attacks because of an intense feeling of drowning and abandonment which kept on coming back over and over again. 

During the EFT session I “remembered” that during my birth I came out of my mother’s uterus upside down while the umbilical cord almost suffocated me. At the same time I felt forced to swallowing a white liquid! After my birth they put me in a “white box”  for about a day without letting me come in contact with my mother.

The problem disappeared in only one session which lasted less than an hour.
It is a really miraculous method.

I am really grateful to Indy for her help.

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