D Anagnostopoulos

Indy, Vivi, Asimina, Despina, you are all wonderful and I am ecstatic for having met you! I can’t wait for the 1st and 2nd level seminars in December.

Up to now, I’ve managed to rid myself of my obsessive desire to eat french fries. Also, the other night I got rid of the midnight heartburn that resurfaced after 15 years. It took 3 rounds of EFT to get from 8 down to 5 and finally 3, at which point I had the inspired thought of eating a piece of toast, which completely got rid of the pain. I fell asleep shortly after i wished Gary Craig all the best for all the blessings he has brought in my life.

I also would like to emphasize the inspired mentoring Vivi provided at the seminar, who, during the tapping session she helped me unlock the problem that has been blocking my mental progress.
Vivi, you are wonderful!
Peace, health and love to all of you!

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