Rhea Koufaki

Dear Indy,

We are already in the middle of the summer and I hope you're close to nature filling up your batteries and preparing yourself for a very creative winter.
I thought about you today with much love and gratitude. I am sending this message to thank you once again for the liberating power you brought to my life.
Thanks to EFT, this time I am enjoying the sea as much as ever, without the fear of water that I had since I was a toddler.
Till now when the water was dark or when there were algae or rocks - when I could not see what was beneath me - it was impossible to swim. So I was always splashing in shallow waters instead of swimming!
In the winter I worked on this phobia with EFT with another person as well as by myself, but when I measured the results, I had the feeling that the fear was persisting. So I had the impression that EFT does not work for me on this issue.
But, one of these days when I went at the beach, without realizing it and totally unconsciously, I started swimming deeper and deeper and to my surprise, I realized that the phobia had almost gone. And, believe me, I was swimming in areas where I could not see what was underneath me at all.
Now without the inhibitory power of fear, I enjoy the beautiful Greek sea more than ever before. This is why I want to express my appreciation, my love and my gratitude to you.
I wish that you are always well and may God will give you the strength to help people to free themselves. I wish you have a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to meeting you again.

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