EFT can help people in many different ways tailored to a wide array of physical, emotional and psychological problems.
Here are some testimonials, among the hundreds of the people who trusted us so that we can change their lives together with EFT.

In our Blog area we will post more written, audio and video testimonials soon as well as more case studies and advice on how to improve your chances of success with ΕFT.

D Anagnostopoulos

Indy, Vivi, Asimina, Despina, you are all wonderful and I am ecstatic for having met you! I can’t wait for the 1st and 2nd level seminars in December.

Up to now, I’ve managed to rid myself of my obsessive desire to eat french fries. Also, the other night I got rid of the midnight heartburn that resurfaced after 15 years. It took 3 rounds of EFT to get from 8 down to 5 and finally 3, at which point I had the inspired thought of eating a piece of toast, which completely got rid of the pain. I fell asleep shortly after i wished Gary Craig all the best for all the blessings he has brought in my life.

I also would like to emphasize the inspired mentoring Vivi provided at the seminar, who, during the tapping session she helped me unlock the problem that has been blocking my mental progress.
Vivi, you are wonderful!
Peace, health and love to all of you!

Constantina Mavrokoukoulaki

About a year ago I experienced a very traumatic event regarding my family.
As a result of this event I was filled with intense sorrow and anger.
It brought me such emotional despair that I even tried to commit suicide.

Often times, while I was calm, the whole event would "appear" in front of my eyes, like a movie, causing me intense emotional distress.

I never expected that I would be able to overcome this. After a 15 minute session I managed to overcome the trauma.

A few days later some other emotional aspects of this event would resurface so I proceeded with a few more sessions until I become completely free from this debilitating emotional burden.

I want to thank Indy for this small miracle.

Dimitra Viveli

I met EFT when I was already working with several energy healing systems and I instantly fell in love with it.

What I like the most about it, is the fact that before helping you release any disturbing emotions, it brings them to the foreground and makes you realise them. This is very important in my view, because being able to feel, recognize and accept our emotions is an integral part of learning and growing.
All my love and wishes to Indy and her team.

Makis M

EFT helped me face my serious health problem regarding Cancer, easily and peacefully, as well as regain my optimism and positive emotional and mental attitude.

Eva K

EFT helped me regain the love for myself and resolve traumatic family memories from my troubled childhood.

I could never believe that it would be possible to feel really free and happy.

I am really grateful to you.

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