Fast Knife Phobia Removal with EFT

Knife Phobia

Dorothea had a Knife phobia since she was a child.

She had no recollection of a past event of anything bad happening with a knife and yet this phobia was very strong. She even had difficulty saying the words ''sharp knife''.

At home, she didn't have sharp knives. In the kitchen, it was her husband who would do all the food preparation. He often teased her about her knife phobia!

In particular, she didn't like the sound of the knife cutting something and she complained about ''this feeling'' in her chest when she thought about a knife and that sound. She had said that she would never touch the knife blade...she didn't like the thought of doing that!

Watch how she overcomes this problem in a little more than 10 minutes with EFT. The video is unedited.

EFT It has been described as "The worlds most Effective therapy for Phobias and Stress reduction".

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