Weight Loss

Enjoy a new sense of control and freedom around food

  • What if you could lose weight easily and without dieting?
  • What if you were free from obsessive compulsion disorders?
  • What if you could stop comfort-eating?

Weight problems are often directly related to:

  • Low self esteem 
  • Fear of failure 
  • Feeling deprived
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Food cravings 
  • Traumatic events

Most people who want to lose weight have tried many "diets" that simply haven't worked or haven't lasted. The end result often means being heavier and fatter than when you started, with even lower self esteem and greater levels of frustration.

We all know being overweight means you have eaten more than you need. Traditional diets are all based around "stopping" or "giving up" foods you like which inevitably leads to a sense of deprivation.

A new, effective approach

However - this approach focuses on re-programming your brain so that you do STOP eating when you have had enough, even if you love what's left on your plate you simply don't want it. It ELIMINATES cravings, it takes no effort at all not to eat something you no longer associate pleasure with.

"Will Power" is simply not required on this programme. When you replace food cravings with feelings of pride and self acceptance, the weight comes off naturally and easily. You eat when you are hungry and choose foods that you know will nourish you.

With an "everything in moderation" approach you can enjoy a new sense of control and freedom around food and eating and have the shape you've always wanted.

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